Tut'Zanni Theater Company 

"To expand the imaginations and hearts of audiences all over the world."

Tut’Zanni is a professional company specializing in various forms of physical theatre and folk arts - primarily Commedia dell’Arte, along with other forms of mask, clown, music, storytelling, puppetry, and visual arts. Tut’Zanni uses the stage as a means to incite dialogue, encourage social change, and to bring people of all backgrounds together into a feeling of unity. 

Fairytale Adaptation Workshop - TDF

Teaching artists are taught a basic progression of exercises that can yield new adaptations of fairytales from their students. Class focuses on generating a main character, a unified plot, and finding a poetic truth inside the magic depicted on stage. 

Monologue Coaching 

If you would like individual monologue coaching for audition preparation, I am happy to work with you.  We will work together to find new material for you and bring it to life in the most open, versatile, and engaging way. To find out more about this, please contact me!