Fairytale Theater at American Repertory Theater (Photos: Gretjen Helene) 

Children age 5 - 11 are introduced to the fundamentals of theatermaking by creating weekly reimaginings of classic and contemporary fairy tales, live! Each week, we read and reimagine a new classic children's story. In addition to writing, directing and starring in their own mini-play every week, children are introduced to the fundamentals of theater and learn how to collaborate on creative projects.

Art Kids Company at New York version of Fairytale Theater

Student will experience the joy and adventure of thereby developing their own adaptation of a Shakespeare play - from the script to the costumes, setting, and characters.  A.R.T. teaching artists instruct kids company members in collaborative writing, improvisation skills and ensemble building and directing.  

K-12 Students

Commeida Dell'arte Workshop - High School Students (Summer Theatre of New Canaan Apprentice Program) 

3 day workshop on the basic principals of mask performance and ensemble building.  


Directing Workshop - High School Students (Summer Theatre of New Canaan Apprentice Program)          

3 day workshop on how to think like a director. Students develop original pieces based on simple building block principals of stage direction. 


Undergrad Students

Devised Theater Workshop - the Fairytale at Wayne State University 


This is a class in developing new work through techniques of devised theater.  Using elements of the Living Theater, Teatre de Complicite street theater techniques, and an introduction to Viewpoints, students will develop and present a modern adaptation of a fairytale using inspiration from music and the vibrant city of Detroit. Class can meet five times, for 2-hour sessions and will include techniques for creating work, feedback on projects, and a final showing.

Acting For Non-Majors at Carnegie Mellon University

Learn the basics tools of acting including being present in your body, speaking on your voice, listening and playing actions.  


Graduate Students

Magic Workshop - Performing the Trick at Harvard University (Photos: Penn and Teller)

This is a 4 hour workshop on performing a magic trick. Workshop was developed with magician, Christopher Rose. The students were asked to do a series of writing and acting exercises with their trick. Magicians were put through a series of games to help strengthen and find their interest and their true character.